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Quick Guide to Identifying your Yugoslavian folk doll

Here is an overview of all the dolls on my blog to aid in quickly identifying your doll. Once you have ascertained what region your doll is from then type that into the search function at the top right hand corner of the home page and you will be taken to the individual blog posts. If you are still having trouble please leave a comment or email and I will help you. *It is worthwhile noting that often dolls from the Narodna Radinost range are found in the wrong boxes. So I have seen a Macedonian male doll in a box which incorrectly identifies him as Bosnian and a Croatian female doll in a box labelled as Slovenian. This mismatching of doll to box seems to have happened quite often and so it is always wise to consult reference books on folk costume rather than rely on the labels on the boxes. Sometimes the doll just comes with a paper label indicating what costume it is wearing and that too is occasionally incorrect.  Montenegro

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